Applying Navy SEAL Leadership Lessons to the World of Business


Lead Your Team to Success

Effective leadership is a key driver of success for businesses, in technology and beyond. Orion Global uses the best leadership practices and lessons of U.S. Navy SEALs when approaching projects, and offers Navy SEAL Executive Leadership Training so that you can lead your business to success, too.


Build Sustainable Mental Toughness


  • Identify the difference between real and self-imposed barriers
  • Understand the power of the team to overcome roadblocks

Develop Your Manager’s Vision


  • Clearly define intent in a way that is specific and actionable
  • Build trust and confidence in each team-member’s ability to do their part

Build Accountability


  • Understand the specific measurements you can use to manage your own accountability
  • Ensure that you are committed to meeting expectations and understand the consequences of not doing so

Provide Feedback that Matters


  • Help team members take risks and make learning mistakes in the pursuit of excellence
  • Inspire team members to evaluate and support each other in wins and challenges

Delegate and Empower


  • Clearly define the tasks you should do versus those that can be delegated
  • Establish a process for effectively delegating and monitoring progress in a way that is empowering to team members

Orion Global's Leadership Expertise


Rob Roy spent twenty years as a Navy SEAL, including service on the legendary SEAL Team Six, before founding SOT-G, an eighty-hour intensive leadership course that uses military combat training to teach executives and managers the leadership skills they need to succeed in business and in life. Rob is an inspirational public speaker. The program has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, BloombergInc., and more.

In The Navy SEAL Art of War, Roy decodes the leadership lessons of the battlefield for today’s business leaders and individuals: how to make good decisions under pressure, how to utilize and leverage the strengths of others while minimizing the weaknesses of the individual or team, and how to act instead of react, anticipating events despite having minimal information and effectively communicating tasks and priorities.

The Navy SEAL Art of War, by Rob Roy, is available at Amazon.

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